coronavirus updates

Hi all


Our World is changing and its happening fast. It was only 2 weeks ago we were planning out our lives and living out our daily routines. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic continues to severely impact society and all our ways of life.


The government has been very clear on what is expected of the public to fight the virus and it is with a reluctant heart that we must announce that our last service will be on the 22nd of March. After that we will be moving all our services online.


We will provide all the avenues within our power to enable you to receive the Word of God, fellowship and encouragement. I want to thank the church for its resilience in these tough times and encourage you all to look out for each other and others and to remain in proximity with the Lord.


Live Streams


Our main services will be streamed on YouTube and Instagram live. Please bear with us as we may have to iron out some creases!


All other interactions, Bible studies, Youth, Devotionals and prayer meetings will be done via Zoom. We want to encourage all of our congregants to download the app in preparation of these vital meetings.


More information will come soon and we will update this page regularly.


Yours in Christ




Pastor Farayi

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