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welcome to the sydenham church

We are a church that is passionate about family, friendships, and finding our calling. This is a family, and a place to call home. It’s a place to get help, healing, and hope. Whether you’re searching, an atheist or lifetime follower of Christ, you are welcome here.

Im new here


To build a community of people that have a real sense of family. Tied together by a common and unified cause: Building God's Family. 

To be a place of refuge for the hurting and hopeless in the time of need.

our process

To Connect people to God by sharing the good news of forgiveness to them. 

To disciple men and women for intimacy and commitment to God. A life changing experience.

To creatively serve God and people.

our future


To expand God's Family in other cities by planting churches, releasing couples who are called to share the hope of Jesus Christ.

To see your life's purpose and destiny come to life and help you grow in faith and dominion. 

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